Friends of JT Memorial Meeting    
    Report on 14th June 2009 Meeting    

Attendance was slightly up on last year at 60 to 70 people. There was a good feel to the meeting and it was fine to be amongst real Nationalists rather than the pseudo-nationalists now running the BNP. There was a suggestion that the occasion could be widened to commemorate other nationalists, such as, Steve and Sharron Edwards. The speakers were with brief notes on their subject matter:

The Chairman was Keith Axon who also conducted an auction of nationalist literature from the 1970s and 1980s.

Richard Edmonds spoke on the bravery and foresight of John Tyndall and Colin Jordan. He looks forward to the influence of Andrew Brons [as a brake on liberalising tendencies].

Ian Edwards spoke on the importance of continual contact with local organisations, such as, councils and pressure groups - including residents' associations.

Tess Culnane congratulated the two new BNP MEPs and described JTís achievement in building the BNP.

Mike Easter spoke on the lack of Leadership in Nationalist Movements with an increasing number of nationalist and pseudo-nationalist groups. There is a need to separate the defence of our land from our politics. We are in an undeclared war for our homeland. One cannot be said to be extremist in defence of family and land.

Steve Smith stressed that we must teach true history of nation including such facts that it was the UK that declared war on Germany in 1939.

Peter Rushton gave an academic talk about ‘democracy’. Demos in classical Greek meant a homogenous ‘people’, not a ghastly mishmash.

Valerie Tyndall spoke about Colin Jordan and his relationship with John Tyndall and how in the end they were reconciled. She was given a standing ovation.

Also present were Jim Lewthwaite, Lady Renouf, Bob Gertner and Paul Ballard.

The meeting was organised by Richard Edmonds and Rick Fawcus/Anna.

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